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   Silvery Moon Alpacas Farm is located in Tremont nested in beautiful Annapollis Valley of Nova Scotia.

   In 2001 after retiring from a career in the military our little farm came to life. We brought home three Alpacas to join a horse, a few chickens and rabbits already here. The following year Rocky retired from the Regular Force and joined the Reserve, giving him more free time to work on the farm. Today we have a total of six lovely Alpacas grazing on the farm.


  Once a year we shear our animals and send the fibers to a cottage mill where it is scoured and processed into roving ready to be spun.

   Sometimes it is spun on a walking wheel or even a drop spindle. But most of the time it is handspun on a spinning wheel.



  We sell the handspun yarns, roving, some felt, knitted/crochet items and woven items.





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